Lady X


Lady X is a woman of determination, struggle, hard work and faith. Her work reflects her life, from missing a Father who was frequently away in the military, drugs in her community, to the life of a single mother.

Lady X began writing poetry at a young age as a way to express her feelings and escape from things that she just didn't understand or could not accept. Her poetry led to writing music, rapping - hip hop and performing. And more recently mentoring those who are new to the art. Through experience, networking and research she has successful mentored/guided several artist. Whether it was on their stage presence, image, music selection, the importance of having a manager or how to protect their original work.

There are many sides to Lady X, she is a performer, mentor, poet and writer.

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            Now or Never                Real Love       Million Dollar Attitude
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What others are saying about Lady X


Lady X Performing
"Lady Ecstasy was electrifying on stage she blow me away ". Her energy and presence was a much see."

GiGe Brown, Shep1 Production
(GiGe Brown, Shep1 Productions, has judged a few competitions in which Lady X performed and won the competition).


Lady X Mentoring
"I first met Lady X on a voice call, and me and my other teammates came to her house to have sort of a music business meeting. In the meeting artist Lady X went over all the ways to promote ourselves. Getting a manager was not on our minds until she came in the picture. Soon after our meeting, I took what she said about the manager into consideration, and I found a creditable manager. My manager is taking my career to the next level.

Before we met Lady X we really didn't have insight on how to push ourselves. She brought us in and gave us ideas and opinions on what we should do next with our music. Not only that she gave us different websites to go to to promote ourselves which made me a better artist because I took what she showed us and really understood how the business works. So, if she didn't meet up with us I would still be at square one. So with that being said, I would like to say thank you for all the insight because it made me better as an artist."

JL (JL recently signed with Sony Records)